Each artwork usually has a central idea behind it -- a kabuki jet engine! a morse-code fractured forest! a remixable sculpture! -- but generally my work is concerned with spiritual transformation, temporal collapse, cross-cultural pollinations, higher-orders of reality, and shifting perceptions. This arises from a belief in metempsychosis, concurrent time, and consciousness/personality as a broadcast (we each are tuned in to only one station, but many exist.)

The work hints that there is a deeper reality than what we consciously perceive, through the use of embedded code, veiling of layers, and morphing appearance. The ‘information’ often woven into the work (codes, symbols, data) suggests that there is a hidden structure to the universe. The sampling of imagery from multiple cultures and eras intimates that time is not sequential but concurrent (all ‘now’,) and that the personality exists through many different lifetimes (we’ve all lived as different ethnicities, genders, etc).  The use of reflective materials, changing light, faceted or veiled construction, recombinant and impermanent elements, and incorporation of mental and physical perceptual shifts on the part of the viewer, all imply that consciousness is a wave, not a point.

But -- and? -- the works are meant to be beautiful, too.

(For more specific thoughts on individual pieces, browse the Ideas-behind Newsblog. I periodically hide or delete the bio / press details, as the focus should be on the art, but sometimes there’s info there as well; contact for details.)